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If you've ever driven by a construction site, you know that the project can be disruptive. Road closures, lane shifts, and the ongoing operations of the construction site itself can make getting around town a real hassle. But with a well-designed traffic management plan, you can ensure that your construction site has minimal impact on the surrounding road network, and guarantees the safety of both your workers and passing motorists and pedestrians alike.


Not only does good traffic management alleviate congestion on the surrounding roads, but it also helps your crew to get the construction project completed more efficiently, without the distraction of traffic jams or dangerous road conditions in the vicinity.


Traffic management plans can include signage, lane closures, and flaggers to help keep traffic moving. Cones, bollards and other traffic management equipment conveys a clear message to passing motorists and communicates to them where they need to go.


When done properly, traffic management can help make a construction project less of a headache for everyone involved

If you represent a construction company that's preparing to commence work on a new site, it's imperative that you develop a clear traffic management plan for the construction site.

At BBC Traffic, we can take care of this entire process for you – from acquiring the necessary permits for traffic control, through to developing a clear plan of action for how to control traffic in the area and even being on-site to manage the flow of traffic ourselves.


Drawing on over 25 years’ experience in the industry, our tight-knit team is highly committed to keeping Victorian Roads Safe. Whether you need our help in hiring top quality traffic control equipment, acquiring permits, developing a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) or all of the above – we pride ourselves on exceeding our clients’ expectations for efficiency and reliability.


Our expertise in 24/7 emergency traffic control means we are prepared for rapidly changing situations in a wide range of settings – enjoy peace of mind that your construction team and passing motorists or pedestrians are safe, with BBC Traffic on-site. We have executed end-to-end traffic management services for construction projects of all shapes and sizes – from small roadside jobs to lengthy large-scale building sites like shopping malls and apartment complexes.


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