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We Specialise in Efficient & Reliable Traffic Management Plans Melbourne-wide

It goes without saying that navigating the process of acquiring the necessary permits and paperwork required for safe traffic management in Melbourne can be a tedious and overwhelming process.
That’s why BBC Traffic provides no-fuss TMP traffic management services and RIICWD503D certification, to take the stress out of the process for you. With more than 25 years’ industry experience, we are highly knowledgeable in every aspect of compiling efficient traffic management plans and acquiring the necessary paperwork.
From minor roadside projects to large and sophisticated proposals that require ongoing traffic management for extended periods of time; we serve as a convenient end-to-end solution for all your traffic control needs in Melbourne.
Our friendly team is fully qualified and highly experienced in working closely alongside businesses of all shapes and sizes to prepare and execute your entire traffic management project.

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How do our Melbourne traffic management plan services work?

Traffic Guidance Schemes (TGS) typically cost between $150 and $250. However, at BBC Traffic, we provide the TGS on your first job for absolutely FREE when you bring us on-board for all your traffic management needs.


When it comes to all the necessary permits for your project, the BBC Traffic team will share our expertise and go through the entire process for you. We’ll even carry out thorough onsite inspections to ensure we provide the safest and most suitable traffic management plan possible.


At BBC Traffic, we provide our clients with well-structured work zone traffic management plans in a convenient and streamlined manner. We can also assist with traffic control equipment hire and on-site event traffic control, for your peace of mind.

Why trust us with your TMP services needs in Melbourne?

  • 25 years’ experience in traffic management, construction and other related sectors

  • BBC Traffic is fully insured

  • We have a 95% referral rate for our exceptional services

  • Our team and equipment is available 24/7

  • We are passionate about delivering reliable results on time and on budget

Apply for your first TGS below, or get in touch

Apply for your first free Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS) by providing us with a few initial details using the form below, or contact us directly to discuss how we can assist with your traffic management needs in Melbourne.


Our team is available at, or alternatively, you can call 1300 155 166.