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About BBC Traffic

Ensuring Safety and Efficiency is what we live by. All works commenced by us will be on time and to suit your budget.


Our Team is fully invested to ensure your project is safe without any concerns or mishaps.  we value trust and we want to build and gain trust and confidence with our dear customers. When it comes to traffic management/control and 24/7 services they will be conducted safely.


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With a total of 25 years of building experience, BBC aims to present the utmost quality and efficiency when it comes to your project. We want to make Victorian Roads Safe and to do that we are willing to tackle all the obstacles when it comes to keeping your project safe.

Our Services.

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Any type of emergency, our team is always ready to respond; this includes weather, vehicle, and other types of hazards. Call us and we will be happy to help.

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We have a range of Traffic Control equipment ready for short term or long term use. We only use the best quality of products starting from Bollards, Signage, Traffic Cones & Frames.

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Our team is trained and well prepared to assist in your shortly timed projects like (VIC roads -owned/ council-owned roads) or a larger scale project which requires more preparation and planning. 


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Our service areas including:

Beveridge | Campbellfield | Coburg | Craigieburn | Dallas | Epping | EssendonFawkner | Gladstone Park | Glenroy | Mickleham | Northcote | Reservoir Thomastown | Tullamarine | Wollert

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