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Our Services

When choosing any traffic control business, you have hopes that they will be the right company for you, the expectation that your job will be commenced safe and risk free & At BBC we fulfil those beliefs.


Our Services consist of Equipment Hire, Planning/Permits, Traffic Control and Emergency Services. We aim to provide the best services for our clientele. We would like to make the process of safeguarding your project easier, and to protect the people we care about the most who use our Victorian roads on a day to day basis

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Traffic Control

The obligation of ensuring safety for employees is a responsibility shared by all businesses. Traffic control is an essential service as it provides both protection and safety for all work initiated on site. Any project to which traffic congestion is a factor needs a team such as BBC that can manage and quickly adapt to any type of traffic condition no matter how big or small.


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Planning & Permits

Our team is trained and well prepared to assist in your shortly timed projects like (VIC roads -owned/ council-owned roads) or a larger scale project which requires more preparation and planning.


BBC Traffic will Lend you when it comes to needing all the necessary permits for your project.

BBC Traffic Guarantee plans to be completed within 1 hour 

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Equipment Hire

We have a range of Traffic Control equipment ready for short term or long term use. We only use the best quality  products starting from Bollards, Signage, Traffic Cones, Frames (with stands). All equipment is frequently serviced 

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