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Wollert’s Premier Traffic Control Company

When it comes to road-related hazards or obstructions, BBC Traffic keeps Wollert and Whittlesea on the move. Whether you need immediate traffic control assistance due to extreme weather, or you’re planning an event that will require traffic management on surrounding roads – we provide stress-free solutions.

Our highly trained team knows Wollert’s road network exceedingly well, and we’re always ready to respond to your traffic control needs at a moment’s notice. BBC Traffic’s first priority is to ensure the safety of anyone working on/beside the road, as well as all motorists and pedestrians passing through the area, and of course our own team as well.

We will keep the traffic flowing in a safe and efficient manner, so that you can focus on the task at hand. Rest assured, our team has dealt with traffic conditions of all shapes, sizes and complexities; in the middle of the night and during heavy downpours. We know how to quickly adapt to conditions as/when they change, to maximise safety at all times.

traffic control in Wollert

Wollert traffic management services you can rely on

From unexpected incidents that require immediate attention, to upcoming outdoor events like large festivals, BBC Traffic serves as both a 24/7 emergency callout service as well as an end-to-end solution for all your long-term traffic management needs in Wollert or Campberfield.


For instance, if you are planning in advance, our expert team can assist you with getting the right permits. Whereas Traffic Guidance Schemes (TGS) usually cost $150-250, we’ll arrange your first TGS for free when you bring us on-board for all your future projects.


We also keep an expansive inventory of well-maintained traffic control equipment available for short- or long-term hire. If you need traffic cones, frames, bollards, signage and other supplies for managing traffic efficiently, BBC Traffic can provide you with a free upfront quote without obligation.


Impeccable traffic control services on-time and on-budget, anywhere in Wollert

With 25+ years’ building experience and a 95% referral rate from our clients to date, BBC Traffic offers peace of mind that your Wollert traffic control needs are in capable hands.


We’re fully insured, and we work in strict compliance with Victorian Occupation Health & Safety Standards at all times.

Contact us today

At BBC Traffic, we are extremely professional in everything that we do. If you have any questions about our traffic control and management services in Wollert, please call us on 1300 155 166 or email and we’ll be happy to answer your queries.

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