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What is a Traffic Management Plan?

Traffic Management Plans, or TMPs, are a comprehensive set of strategies and plans that aid in the smooth flow of traffic in a specific area. They can be used to help regulate the amount of traffic in an area, to keep certain streets closed to traffic, and much more.

Why do I need a Traffic Management Plan?

The idea behind a TMP is to ensure that traffic moves as smoothly as possible, to keep drivers and pedestrians safe – especially where there are changes to typical traffic conditions in the area, such as when construction is taking place or an event like a fun run is being organised for a certain date.

If you are planning to carry out construction work (either on the road or close enough that it will affect traffic conditions), you’ll need a Traffic Management Plan. The same goes for if you’re planning a large-scale outdoor event that will significantly increase the number of pedestrians in the area, for example.

By having a TMP in place before the event or commencement of works, the entire process runs much smoother and safer, with minimal disruption to traffic in the area. It’s worth noting that plans can be updated as necessary.

How do I go about getting a Traffic Management Plan?

The process for developing a TMP varies depending on the type of TMP required, but generally it begins with collecting data to evaluate typical traffic conditions in the area in question. This might involve measuring the flow of traffic on a particular street, the length of time that drivers spend in the area, and the number of vehicles that pass through the area on a particular street or route.

Once the data has been collected, the next step involves developing a plan for the area. This usually requires consulting with the existing traffic management in the area, which in Victoria’s case could be VicRoads or whichever local council the area in question sits.

Once the strategies for the traffic in the area have been developed, they can then be documented in a TMP. This means writing up the TMP document and then having it reviewed by a third party for any corrections or updates that may be required.

BBC Traffic can help you develop a Traffic Management Plan and get approval for your roadside project

If you would like help navigating the process of acquiring approval from VicRoads or the local council for your traffic management needs, BBC Traffic can help. Our experienced team serves as a one-stop solution for traffic control right across Melbourne – from plans/permit acquisition and equipment hire, to on-site traffic control services.

For more information, get in touch today.


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